Note: We are back to sending the regular print edition of Your News, with the return to school. However, if you find yourself facing challenges getting the newspapers to your  students, please get in touch at to see how we can help.


With schools closed last spring, we put the April, 2020 and May, 2020 editions of Your News online,
so that you can share them with your students.

Please alert your teacher colleagues who do not subscribe to Your News that this resource is available,
to help all of you with online learning during this challenging period.

If you'd like the answer sheet that goes with these editions,
please email us at and we'll send you a copy.

Your News - June 2020 edition

Your News - May 2020 edition

Your News - April 2020 edition 


The affordable classroom resource that works


Your News is a newspaper for learning. Designed by educators and published monthly in Canada from September to June, each page is filled with activities that engage students, stimulate discussion and encourage the acquisition of language skills in English.

Your News complies with English Second Language core objectives as set out by various ministries of Education and TESL programs across Canada. Through its use, students can explore and enrich their knowledge of the daily life practices and communication conventions of English-language culture in Québec, Canada and the entire English speaking world.

Your News contains no advertisements yet is very affordable. Since its content is topical and relevant, your students will enjoy reading it. The learning strategies embedded in its articles, word-games and discussion topics provide endless opportunities for English language literacy and oral communication. Your News in the classroom guarantees a lively and effective learning environment.